Placemat advertising has some real benefits:


We can put your ad in front of a captive audience for 15 minutes or more at a time. Compare our costs with doing just a minute on radio and television. And have you priced newspaper and magazine


Wow! Somebody’s making money. Maybe you should be too! The cost to print business cards is at least 10¢ for each card. A typical “business card” size ad on our placemats is under 1¢ per placemat.


Care Printing will only allow one ad from each industry on a placemat or menu so you will not be advertising with your competitors on the same placemat or menu. And you will be offered the chance to renew first before we approach your competitors


One of the keys to any successful marketing effort is repetition. Repeat diners will see your ad multiple times so your name will stick in their minds.


You are reaching people when they are relaxing and enjoying themselves so they are in a positive, receptive state-of-mind.

VOLUME  (Enough for at a year of advertising)

Moose Jaw 35,000 copies.

Kosta´s La Ronge 35,000 copies.

Humboldt Trans Cafe 35,000 copies.

Wakaw Crossroads 20,000 copies.

Your ad will be seen at least 1000’s of times in each location.

Really you cannot ask for a more cost effective medium of advertising.  It would cost much more to deliver flyers through Canada Post.  It would be equivalent to 2 ads in the newspaper.  In either of those cases some will be thrown away.  With a placemat you have a captive audience and they can be taken home too.  How else can you put your ad in front of so many sets of eyes year round.




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