Care Community Calendars

These fundraiser calendars are divided in two parts, the first part is the cover, on the cover we have the sponsors, they usually cover the printing & setup costs of the calendars, we suggest you charge about $40 for one spot, the covers have about 44 spots but it can be more or less, the maximun quantity of spots is 60 on the cover, we also put emergency numbers and a cover picture that you can choose.

The second part is the monthly pages that are stapled onto the cover, they have the months of the year including, the birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, events or meetings. We have setup a webpage where you can easily put all the information and we will take care of the rest.

Each family will have a family card with all the information for each family, the families can choose how many calendars they want, we suggest the price for each calendar be at $15 but you can charge whatever you like, the calendars can start and end the month you like, but it needs to be at least 12 months, then we will print them and deliver them to you, to deliver to all your community members.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to take care of everything.