Protect against cheque fraud

Advance high-security features deliver peace of mind.

One-to-a-Page Cheques

Two on a page Cheques

Three to-a-Page Cheques

Types of cheques

How to order Cheques?

Step 1. Send a sample cheque

A sample cheque (marked “VOID”) showing correct
MICR encoding is required to process your order. New
chequing accounts must include a MICR specification
sheet from your bank (no deposit slips please).

Step 2. Specify Imprint Information

Cheques include seven areas of imprinting (shown
above) at no additional charge. Consecutive numbering
is included in the MICR encoding. A second signature
line or other wording in the signature area is available
on most cheques.

Step 3. Specify Consecutive Numbering

If a starting number is not specified, 1001 will be used
(not available for all cheque styles).

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